Shalom Y’All Sponsors

2020 was a very unusual year for us, but the Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival spirit and sense of community were the same. We greatly appreciated the commitment and support from businesses, organizations, individuals, and friends this year and for the last 31 Festivals in year’s past.

We are extremely grateful to all the following businesses, organizations, and individuals who partnered with us to bring our 32nd Annual – first time Virtual – Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival to life!

Please click on the logos and links below to learn more about our sponsors and please pay it forward by doing business with them.

Pillar Sponsor

Sustainer Sponsor

Mitzvah Sponsors

Dicky Mopper

Friends of the Festival

Dr. John & Sue Adler Margo & Andrew Ames
Dr. Sandy & Marcia Berens Allen Berger
Dr. Michael Bonder Penny & Lonnie Breslow
Salutaire Consulting, LLC/Joan Dane-Kellogg Marie Dodson
Dr. Allan & Gail Dinnerstein Larisa & Steven Elisha
Dr. Ron Fagin Jonathan & Andra Rabb
Dr. Charles Harris Teresa & Herbert Victor
Dr. Jeffrey Ignatoff Steve Wagner
Dr. Harvey Lebos  
Dr. Dina Linfoot INSURANCE
Dr. Timothy & Elyssa Minton John Sipple
Dr. Jerry & Biff Montana  
Dr. Jules & Nancy Paderewski  
Drs. Patty & Steve Shapiro  
Dana Braun Michael Dobbs
Edwin Byck Jeffrey Heeder
Murray Galin Brian Markowitz
Jeff Lasky Jack Levine
B. H. Levy, Jr.  
Ralph Lorberbaum 
Shari Miltaides  
Pat O’Conner  
Larry Pike  
Ellen Byck Flossie & Jeffrey Kaffee
Pamela Clift Harriet Meyerhoff
Julian Friedman Terri & Barry Parker
Anne Gold Cubby & Stan Plonchak
Lisa Gooden Lori & Paul Robinson
Seth Grenald Kerry & Phil Rosen
Sheila & Marty Grossman Julie & Allen Schoenberger
Peggy & Stanley Harris Arlene & Ron Schwartz
Isabel Heller Anonymous
Anonymous Lisa Solod
Jane Kahn Aaron Tillinger
Sue Kantor Tami & Lenny Tishberg
Cyndi & John Kohn Carol Kramberg-Walker & Bruce Walker
Malvina Leder Margo & Tom Webb
Karen & Gary McGuffin Leslie Westmoreland
Sara Merrick Col. Edward & Catherine Wexler
Andrea & Mark Matthews Susan & Frank Slotin
Patricia & Jules Homans Sue Solomon
  Lauri Taylor
Debbie Owen Jill Sandberg
  Felicia Dannick-Friedman
Jonathan Springarn