Shalom Y’All Entertainers

The spirit and fun of the Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival is enhanced every year by local and national musicians, bands and dance troupes. Thank you to Carol Towbin Greenberg for gathering our musical talent throughout our 32 year history!

Much thanks to all who partnered with us over the years and for our 2020 Virtual Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival!

For more information and more entertainment, enjoy the offerings from all of our talented performers:

Bill Averbach and Austin Klezmorim Dan Horowitz and the Klezmer Local 42 The Milnes VOICE Programs
Carolina Klezmer Project  VOICExperience & Savannah VOICE Festival
B.A. Music, LLC Facebook at Klezmer Local 42 Maria Zouves, Executive Director
Musical Services   855.766.7372 (76.OPERA)
  Maxine Patterson School of Dance
Assaf Gleizner and Tegan Miller    
    Savannah Philharmonic
Rachel Policar– ATC quarter-finalist   Edward J. Lada    Director of Artistic Operations 

Assaf Gleizner – Piano

Sinisa Ciric – Violin

Ricardo Ochoa – Violin

Mark Chesanow – Bass